Andre Manov, MD, FACP, MSHM, board-certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism was recently awarded a “Top Doc” Award from in his specialties. The nomination process is based off of a selection committee and patient experience reviews. Dr. Manov’s care philosophy is focused on comprehensive patient-centered care at the forefront. He believes in utilizing and implementing science and evidence-based medicine to best care for his patients.

Dr. Manov is the current Program Director of Transitional Year Residency Program and Core Faculty in Internal Medicine at MountainView Hospital with the Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium Program and has been published in 50-scientific publications and peer reviewed journals, five presentations on Research symposiums in the last year, and recently adding 12 more publications to his resume with a new program he is leading for patients in the Las Vegas community.

Dr. Manov has a special interest in diabetology and cares for patients by providing disease education, prevention and management techniques for many chronic illnesses and diseases. He recently introduced a program, the first of its kind, in an Internal Medicine Residency Continuity Clinic for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) Type-I and Type-II. The goal of the CGM program is to improve the quality of care for those patients needing more than three injections of insulin per day by switching from self-monitoring to CGM and the implementation to be done not in a specialized clinic, but in a General Internal Medicine Residency Clinic with active participation of Internal Medicine Residents under his supervision as Endocrinologist.

With this program, patients improved their blood sugar levels with a decrease in the amount of insulin injections needed as well as less invasive techniques in monitoring. Since the program involves continual monitoring versus the standard, self-monitoring with patients taking their own blood measurements or “pokes”, this provides a better patient experience and more accurate readings. The technology being used is real-time so Dr. Manov, Internal Medicine Residents and patients have immediate access to view blood sugar levels to better assist with disease management. The program is both a physician and patient satisfier and can positively change the way patients deal with chronic diabetes by empowering them to be more involved and part of the care process in Community Internal Medicine Residency Settings and not only in specialized Endocrine Clinics.

Although Dr. Manov is leading the effort with this novel diabetes management program, he and his colleagues specialize in Internal Medicine as the focus of care for diagnosis, treatment and general care across the broad spectrum from comprehensive health to complex illness or disease that affect adults.